Syracuse - Newhouse

Open hours


M—Th: 8am—7pm
Friday: 8am—4:30pm
Weekends: Closed

*Hours vary during summers and holiday breaks. Call or email for more information.

Important Dates of Interest for Spring Semester

Regular Spring Hours: Monday – Thursday 8am – 7pm and Friday 8am – 4:30pm

Contact us

Contact: • 315-443-5663



CAGE is open!

M—Th: 8am—7pm
Friday: 8am—4:30pm
Weekends: Closed

Dates to Note:
CAGE is closed for Spring Break. 
9th March to 17th March. 
Reopens 18th March.



Training | Blackboard training is required every semester by deadline | info provided by professor & based on course 

Financial Responsibility | Student Users are required to check all equipment before leaving the CAGE to confirm:

  • Everything is in working order
  • Everything is accounted for
  • Any questions/issues must be addressed before leaving the CAGE

Equipment provided through the CAGE is for Newhouse Academic purposes only


  • SUID or GetApp required for all Transactions
  • The Student User requesting the booking-reservation must also be the Student User that checks-out the booking-reservation, and checks-in the booking-reservation
  • Booking-Reservations not picked up with-in an hour of the designated check-out time will be canceled by the CAGE


  • Booking-Reservations must be created 24-hours in advance | but can be created 2-weeks in advance
  • Booking-Reservations can be created for up to 24-hour max | but are not automatic, user must select check-in date/time
  • 24-hour wait period in-between Booking-Reservations to ensure access for all Student Users
  • Booking-Reservations can be updated, changed, and/or deleted by the Student User up to 24-hours prior to designated check-out time


Booking-Reservations are due at the time specifiied on the receipt and online based on the Student Users request. Late Booking-Reservations will be subject to our 3-Strike Policy

  • Strike1: Warning on Student Users Account
  • Strike2: Account Locked and meeting required with CAGE Management, Professor, and Student User to be setup by Student User
  • Strike3: Account Deactivated


The full Newhouse CAGE policies & procedures can be viewed on our website: Newhouse CAGE Policies and Procedures